• Meagan Lynn

Entrepreneur Kayla Hunt on Overcoming Insecurity and Fear

The biggest thing that will get in the way of your purpose is fear.

That’s something Kayla Hunt had to push past in order to create her business. She launched her company, She Abides in 2020 as a clothing brand and online community for women to uplift each other in faith. Kayla uses her platform, including her TikTok which has garnered millions of likes, to inspire others, calling them to a higher purpose.

Kayla joined Ten Minute Talks to share how we can overcome insecurities and fear to find a worth deeper than our work while still following our dreams.


👚 She Abides Website: she-abides.com

📱 Kayla’s Instagram: @kaylakhunt

🎥 Kayla’s TikTok: @kaylakhunt

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